Apart from all the general problems mentioned in the part 1 some other significant problems were also found that are stated below like: –

The wireless connectivity management team of the Towson Campus has stated many major problems in their monthly analysis report that includes a high security problem in the connection i.e. most of the students that were able to connect to the internet using the wi-fi, viewed the websites that they were not allowed to open. Sites including some social networking sites (facebook, twitter etc.) and other pornography  sites that tells us the lack of security. According to the analysis these issues have been previously stated to the current in charge company but no actions have been taken.


In terms of the feedback, various means were used in terms of getting the views from the students as well as faculty members from the Campus web blogs to the personal interactions and also using written paper reviews. From all these approximately 89% of the students and faculty members mentioned the problems related to the Wi-fi. The feedback also includes the problem that although they are paying a lot of money for the Wi-fi connectivity, they are not receiving the promised speed or the proper connectivity.

All these issues have been properly read and analysed by the Arcadia Company team and they have proposed the solutions accordingly like the initial payment that the students are charged monthly can be widely reduced whereas the speed could be increased and the area under the wifi radius could also be increased by taking the suitable measures that the company’s technical department is ready to provide.

The Arcadia Company believes that in this highly competitive and growing world of internet connectivity where every student should has a right to connect to the pool of the knowledge in which he can grab the information about any topic he wants to know about and should have the power to connect to the internet whenever and wherever he wants. Keeping this belief in mind, when the company saw that the Towson Campus was suffering from the interrupted internet connectivity it proposed to offer its renowned services to the students of the campus to remove these issues and give them limitless internet connectivity. The company is proposing many different solutions to issues they have observed. From the proposed solutions only the best and the most optimal solution will be implemented that will suit the needs of the student and will be appropriate for the Towson Campus’s budget.

The company is looking forward to introduce the WiMax technologies to the campus as one of the solution to the issues as these can offer greater speeds than Wi-fi and much greater radius of connectivity. Although this technology is a little costly and not much widely used till date but is very beneficial (although much cheaper than both 3G plans and broadband DSL Internet).We basically require a transmitter and a receiver to fulfil theWiMAXrequirements and also the built-in support for the devices that will be using it.

Although there are no competitors till now (other than the TU which is currently working in the campus) the Arcadia Company is sure that other companies cannot beat the services and solutions provided by them.

The Arcadia Company wants to be clear that no new infrastructure is required in order to implement the solutions. The company is well known to fulfil all the requirements in the most limited resources available to them and do their job in the specified budget.

The costs of the system cannot be predicted till the Towson Campus discusses the proposed solutions and choose the most suitable one which they want to implement in the campus and then according to the chosen solution the company will be able to give their estimated costs. But their surely be the need more resources in order to achieve the optimum services. It could be updating the current software they are using in order to make it more helpful for the students and familiar to the company or the introduction to new technologies that comes in the hardware requirements.

Again the partnership matter depends on the solution the Towson Campus chooses. The Arcadia Company wants to clarify that it doesn’t need any partnerships within the community as it is itself a full-fledged company and renowned company. But if needed a partnership it will not have any problem with partnering with any other community unless its terms and conditions are met and discussed properly only if the partnership will be helpful in improving the conditions of the solutions.

The Arcadia Company wants to mention that no law or regulations need not to be considered as all the solutions proposed are in the bound of all the laws. The company has always given much attention to the law and order and has always worked within their boundaries.

The solutions are proposed by considering the students and the faculty members the most so the major impact will be on them only by the project. The connectivity will be provided at the hostels, college buildings, libraries, parks, etc. and even in the areas where earlier there was no wi-fi signal available.

The company has proposed the solution by considering the long term benefit of the system project and is sure enough that there will not be any side effects of the project. All the solution points will be thoroughly checked and analysed before implementing them considering their future scope in the Campus.

The supplies and the resources that are required for the implementation of the project can be easily managed by the company as it has already worked with many other companies that have provided the company with all the hardware as well as software resources. The Arcadia Company is in contract with such companies that are well known for their technology solutions. The Arcadia trusts them completely and their devices. So, it would suggest that the resources are not a headache for the company will suggest the same to the Towson Campus team. But if the Towson Campus is worried about the quality of the resources used, the company is very willingly to provide them with demo and even arrange a meeting with the resource management team of their company.